How did you get started in radio?  Graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1999. Immediately started working as a sound engineer for 610AM WIP- SportsTalk, Philadelphia.

If you weren't working in Radio, what would you be doing? Umm...I AM working in radio now... For many years I worke on the East Coast  for a federal residential youth program called Job Corps. Currently I am a personal trainer/Spin Instructor and love the fitness industry also. Either that or I'd be Madonna.

Favorite quote?  My Mom: "OK, it's time to eat, Kids!!!" (lol)

What five albums would we find in your cd player?  Any & all Madonna releases (my ultimate idol!), Janet Jackson (all releases-LOVE her!!!), Glee Soundtrack (my 6yo son absolutely LOVES Glee!), any Rush album, a bossa nova CD, Usher, Nelly, Rihanna, J-Lo (all releases, gotta love the Spanish Diva!), Akon, Ne-Yo, all Journey releases (inlcuding the remixes with Arnel Pineda, props to my fellow FIlipino - you go,boy!)  & Hits of the 80's...Oh, you said five, right?...

What do you fear?  Public humiliation (In radio, I can remain anonymous when I flub up, LOL)

Where are you from originally? Born in Philadelphia, PA but also lived in New Jersey, Michigan, Germany and now Maui !

First album purchased? Probably a Journey album

Last album purchased? I download singles from iTunes. Doesn't everyone?.....

First concert?  Billy Idol in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Food: WAY too many to name here...I'm a personal trainer and secret foodie!!!

Who were your celebrity crushes as a teenager? Luke Skywalker and Han Solo tied for 1st (lol)

Favorite movie of all time? Obviously, Star Wars, the original - the classic.

Favorite TV shows? Sunday & Monday Night - NFL top all!!!  Then it's Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Iron Chef, Top Chef, Chopped, & Project Runway - I hate cooking & sewing (too much pressure to put out an acceptable product) - Go figure!!!